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  • Resource Allocation (30 points)

In the Week 4 Lesson Getta Byte Software video, Resource Allocation, you observed how Ima assigned resources to tasks. Imagine that the project sponsors requested that this project be completed by August 1 instead of September 1.

Answer and submit the following questions in a one- to two-page paper.

  • What would you do?
  • How would you crash or fast-track the schedule?
  • Could this project be an Agile project? What would be different about it?


Getta Byte Software

Resource Allocation

Now that we have a schedule, we better decide who does what.

Let’s see…

There’s me… project manager.

Our developers:
Don Testit
Kurt Anser

Hugh Duitt is our data architect.

Nonia is the data specialist.

We have to buy the software and that’s $50,000.

Resources (Image was added.)

Now I need to assign them to the right tasks.

Finalize Requirements

Gather requirements from users.

Gather requirements from customers.

Assigned to: Ima Payne

Purchase software

Select vendor.
Negotiate contract.
Execute purchase.

Assigned to: Ima Payne, Hugh Duitt

Customize software

Define features.
Set up test environment.
Develop customization.
Test customization.

Assigned to: Don Testit, Kurt Anser

Transfer data to cloud.

Validate data.
Map fields.
Transfer data.

Validation and transfer
Assigned to Nonia Bizness

Mapping assigned to Hugh Duit

Train personnel.

Develop training with vendor.
Schedule training for CSRs.
Conduct training.

Assigned to Ima Payne

Go live

Release system into production.

We all have to work on this.

Assigned to all of us

Well, let’s see what that looks like in a schedule.

Getta Bill Schedule (Image inserted of schedule)

It looks like we could come in under budget.

I need to let Kent know.

The end