complete review question from book

Complete those 5 review question. The answers are from book page 100-123.

Review Questions

1. What are “selective incentives;’ and how do they impact collective action? How does the size and composition of the group affect its ability to engage in selective incentives?

2. Why are organizations more likely to engage in activities that focus on distributional aspects rather than social efficiency?

3. It is proposed that wars and revolutions destroy distributional coalitions. What does this imply about economic growth for countries that have recently suffered through wars or for those that have enjoyed a long time of internal stability?

4. How is this theory applied to different regions within the United States? What is the evidence in favor of the theory, and how is the theory modified to better explain growth in the South?

5. What limited the South’s economy between the Civil War and World War II, and why did it grow so rapidly following World War II? What other explanations were offered, and why are they considered to be less convincing? Why is it surmised the South’s higher growth rates will not be maintained?