complete the project according to the following requirements

Create the E/R model of the database you are going to build. The more variety the better grade. (All kinds of relationships, associative entities, weak entities, multivalued attributes…).

  • Scan the diagram in a file or build the diagram in word or other text processing program.(ER file)
  • Create the database model in another file and keep it. (Database model file)
  • Normalize all the tables to the Boyce-Codd Normal form and explain the process (Normalization file).
  • Create a database called LastName1_LastName2. (Last Name of the student )
  • Create the tables in the SQL Server program with SQL commands
  • Create the diagram of the database Model in SQL Server.
  • Insert an average of 10 records per table as long as the model allows it.
  • Try to retrieve data from the database.
  • Include the original info(excel file). In other words, how the data would look if no relational model is created. (Redundancy file)
  • Create non-clustered indexes in columns that are subject to be used in the where clauses.
  • When database is finished , back it up to a file called LastName1_LastName2.bak
  • Collect the E/R file, database model file, normalization file, redundancy file and the bak file and zip it into one file called
  • Submit it in Canvas

Extra credit. (Up to 2 points of the final grade) Not mandatory:

Develop a Graphic Java or Python Application that connects to the database you create and performs selects inserts updates and deletes to the tables through the Application.

Hint: For Java create a JQuery. Object and use the graphical objects (fields) . Make sure you have the JDBC driver well configured in your machine.