comprehensive exam 30 to 40 pg tip


This is the big one, make or break for the whole program, 30 to 40 pages – Please see attached formatting

Also see attached grading rubric

The comprehensive exam will integrate theories, concepts, research, and Biblical applications from the all of the DBA core courses as well as the Research Courses. Your three comprehensive exam questions are attached so you know what to answer. The exam will consist of three parts: Business Theory & Practice Research Theory & Practice Business Strategy and Decision Making Theory & Practice. My field of study is Human Resource, so feel free to pull in elements of HR

Specific requirements:

  • This paper must be an original work. You cannot use all or parts of previously developed works.
  • This paper should be written in formal APA format.
  • At least two levels of APA headings should be used throughout the paper.
  • Direct Quotes should be used only if the author’s original meaning will be lost by paraphrasing
  • A minimum of 10 scholarly sources should be used for each question.
  • Do not use the same source more than a total of 4 times within the response to any question.
  • A minimum of 10 pages will be provided in response to each question (not including tables and graphs).
  • A maximum of 40 pages will be provided for the entire body of the paper.
  • Secondary sources are not accepted as scholarly references.
  • Use the APA guidelines for citations and references.

  • Your document will be evaluated for plagiarism and paraphrasing using SafeAssign and you will be able to review the resulting report. Your goal should be a score of less than 5% in the body of the paper.

    Let know if you need more info. You may want to jump on this sooner then later. I have a feeling with this professor I will need reworks no mater how good the assignment is.

    This one will come with a nice tip on the end, plus another big assignment.