comprehensive exam 6

The topics and guidelines for the 24 page APA formatted paper are as follows:

The paper will consist of four major sections:

  1. Marketing
  2. Management
  3. Finance
  4. Accounting

The student will need to use the above mentioned sections in their 24 page APA paper and will need to research, define, describe, and explain the following subsections of the same:

  1. Marketing
  1. What are metrics and control measures mechanisms in marketing?
  2. What are the factors that influence consumer business purchasing?
  3. What is segmentation?
  4. What is competitive intelligence?
  5. What are the 5 Ps of marketing?

Research, define, describe, and explain the above-mentioned.


  1. What is conflict and conflict resolution?
  2. What is motivation and why is it important to managers?
  3. What is recruiting and selection in the HR process?
  4. What is employment planning, training, and development?
  5. How does organizational structure affect organizational strategy?
  6. What is supply chain logistics?
  7. What is planning and control when it comes to supply chain management?

Research, define, describe, and explain the above-mentioned.


  1. What is capital budgeting?
  2. What is an operating budget?
  3. Explain capital structure.
  4. Explain what financing instruments are and discuss options, futures, derivatives and securities valuation.
  5. Explain what the money market is and market efficiency
  6. List three different types of financial ratios and explain them.

Research, define, describe, and explain the above-mentioned.Accounting

  1. What is the theory of constraints?
  2. What is forecasting?Explain with an example.
  3. What is cash budgeting?
  4. What is variance analysis?
  5. Describe and explain the break-even analysis.
  6. What are the main financial statements that every organization uses (list three)?
  7. Describe and explain the regulatory environment.

Research, define, describe, and explain the above-mentioned.

Do not type an introduction or a conclusion to this paper.This make-up comprehensive test paper should only include your research, definitions, descriptions, and explanations of the above-mentioned concepts and tools within each of the four major disciplines.

Please remember that this is only a Pass/Fail paper and that you must be thorough in all of your answers.

24 APA formatted pages = 6 pages for each of the 4 major sections (Marketing, Management, Finance, and Accounting).

APA formatting includes the following guidelines:Times New Roman 12 font, double-spacing, title page, reference page, 1 inch margins top/bottom and left/right, page numbers in the top right margin in the header, running head, in-text citations, properly formatted references on the reference page, etc…

Do not include an abstract, executive summary, or conclusion.Simply research, define, describe, and explain your answers to the questions.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated, so please look to the Academic Integrity rules as noted in the syllabus for your course.Cite your sources, even when you paraphrase.