Concepts of Computer Programming

Question Description


Review Important Documents (Syllabus/Job Aid/Rubric)
Review Moodle navigation
Review the login process to Stratford email,, and certificate of completion upload process
Review the downloading process of Microsoft 365 office and use of the available cloud storage (Microsoft OneDrive)


Review Fundamental Concepts of Computer Programming

Activity 3

Set up and explore the logic development tool called Raptor. This is a graphical Flow-charting design and programming tool.
Download and install Raptor | Resource
Experiment and familiarize yourself with the Raptor tool.

Lesson 1 Results and delivery:

After completing Activities 1, 2, 3 above, take few screenshots of your Activity results, then attach screen shots to a WORD Document, and submit results using link here for lesson 1. Reviewing your submitted results and showing the screenshots will be the indication of completion of Activities. 3-4 screenshots from main parts of each activity will be fine. This task is for 40 points. Please make sure to include screen shots of main parts of each activity in your results. Thanks