Conflict Resolution Issue Analysis HW

Question Description

You are selling a container load of frozen beef to a buyer in Yemen. You find a beef processor to provide you with 20 metric tons of the product, and you must arrange to ship the product to the country and clear it through customs. When the product arrives at the port, you attempt to clear it through customs. However, the customs officer makes it clear that if you do not pay him a $500 bribe, he will not clear the container. It it doesn’t clear, you must either dump the product or pay an additional fee to ship it back to the U.S. You can’t return it to the processor, and you have no U.S. buyer. The product, with shipping, costs $45,000.

1.What action would you take to solve the problem?

2.) Clearly explain, in detail, why you would take that action.

3.) Do you consider your action an ethical one? Why or why not?