Consequences of Ethical Issues in Finance and Accounting




Consequences of Ethical Issues in Finance and Accounting







Each student will be required to complete a research paper on a business ethics topic. Your topic will be assigned to you the second week of the class.

· The paper will use subheadings to divide the paper into the descriptions of at least ten concepts from the book.

· The main body of the paper must be 4 pages in length.

· In addition to the main body, the paper should include:

· Title page

· Contents page (listing paper “sub-heads” and page numbers), and

· References (or Works Cited) page).

· The paper must be typewritten, double-spaced, using standard 1″ margins, and must not include an excessive amount of “bullet dots” in the body of the paper.

· The paper must include footnotes (citations) or references in the body of the paper that correspond to a listing on the References or Works Cited page.

· Students may use any standardized referencing/footnoting formats, e.g., Modern Language Association (MLA) or American Psychological Association (APA).

· Proper use of English grammar and punctuation will be a consideration in grading.

· All papers must have a “Conclusion” (approximately one page at the end of the paper which provides a clear statement of what the student thought about the topic and why). The Conclusion must be “labeled” and is an essential part of the paper.

· There should be at least 6-8 current references.

· Students are encouraged to gather information from actual industry professionals within organizations, in addition to gathering research from the textbook, Web, books, journals, etc.
















Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to summarize your written report. See your syllabus for specific tips on creating a presentation.







· Font size should be no smaller than 24 points

· Do not type paragraphs of text on a slide; instead use short bullet points

· You may use pictures, graphs, charts to illustrate your information

· Your presentation should contain between 8 and 10 slides



 8-10 Slides – 60% __________

 Complete coverage of

the subject matter – 40 % ________