considering the importance of a successful interview planning for it should be a top priority strategy you plan to use during the interview using the dropdown menu

The dropdown menu includes the following, use this list to select your strategy if you are unable to use the dropdown:

  • Research the company to learn the employer’s needs
  • Identify potential problems you can solve
  • Prepare for potential objections the hiring manager might have
  • Plan how to demonstrate the elements of P.R.I.C.E. in the interview
  • Decide which soft skills you want to share during the interview
  • Practice responses to difficult questions you might be asked
  • Plan the questions you wish to ask the interviewer

1.Explain the purpose of the strategy you have chosen (Include 1 external source in your response). Click here to enter text.

2.How will this strategy lead to a successful interview? Click here to enter text.

3.Describe two actions you will take in using the chosen strategy. (Include 1 external source in your response).

List two (2) questions you plan to ask the hiring agent during the interview.

Question 1: Click here to enter text.

Question 2: Click here to enter text.

1.For each question, describe why you chose to ask it.

2.For each question, explain how the question relates to your chosen career field.

Once you have completed this worksheet (use the assignment rubric to ensure it is complete), submit it to the assignment area.