contact notes 2

Just condense the attached contact notes and make it realistic. Please Create contact notes for 3-4 separate occasions of contact. Just write the notes as if you were there, conducting interviews or providing treatment. It would be okay to write the notes as if you are the doctor or from a case manager perspective.

In this project, I will be assigning each group a vignette/video (in your Group Discussion) of a client intake interview. The group will follow this fictitious client from intake to discharge. There may be additional issues with the client not addressed in the video. Groups may be creative in identifying additional issues (i.e., diabetes, etc.) and will need to decide on names, addresses, etc

Here is the link to the video assigned to this case

According to the text, contact notes shouldn’t be more than 6-7 sentences. Contact notes are just meant to summarize each meeting or phone call with the client. The example was just meant to emphasize what needs to be included in each contact note. The notes shouldn’t actually be broken down into sections like that.

Attached are documents from other completed tasks for this assignment to assist with the contact notes.