costs and benefits of conducting business ethically 2

In a three- to four-page paper, address the following:

  1. Choose an unethical behavior in organizations
    1. Examples: Time misuse, sexual harassment, bullying, inappropriate computer use, illegal acts.
  2. Identify a business you feel may be acting in an unethical manner and describe the unethical behavior.
  3. Analyze the benefits and the costs to the company of conducting business in an ethical way.
  4. Analyze the company’s unethical action(s) in terms of how the unethical behavior may hurt the company.

You may want to start your research here: The 10 Biggest Business Scandals of 2017 (Links to an external site.).

The length and formatting requirements include:

  • Three to four pages in length, not including cover and reference pages. Include a cover page, section headers, an introduction, a conclusion, and a reference page.
  • Formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.).
  • Cite a minimum of three sources, two of which should be academic peer-reviewed scholarly sources to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook. The CSU-Global library is a great place to find these resources.

Throughout this course, be sure to use the Business Management & Administration Research Guide in the CSU-Global Library: (Links to an external site.). Here you can:

  • Locate a variety of sources dealing with ethics, CSR, and business management.
  • Gather information specific to different aspects of business ethics.
  • Access writing and citing help.

Be sure to review the Critical Thinking Assignment Rubric in the Module folder for details regarding grading standards.

Your paper should be three to four pages in length and conform to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.). Include at least three scholarly references in addition to the course textbook. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.