Counseling Hispanic/Latino

Counseling Hispanic/Latino

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After reading and reviewing the material in the Reading & Study folders for Modules/Weeks 1-7, reflect and respond thoughtfully to the following prompt (just reply to the post in which you posted your name):

What are some elements about counseling this population that you have learned from the reading and video presentation that you will incorporate when counseling them? Also, consider your ethnic/cultural background and discuss some potential challenges you might face when counseling this population. Be sure to support your argument with sources.

Presentation: Essentials for Counseling Hispanics/Latino(a)s

Dr. Elias Moitinho and Zorcelis Davila

Notes: In the US 55 million people. Chances are you will be counseling someone who is Hispanic/Latino clients

Use the term Hispanic to avoid offending them. If you know the country of origin use that.

Hispanic people need to feel you care in order for them to open up in therapy

Counseling Hispanic families, children, marriages