cp1 ppt 10 slides

In many organizations, the highest paid employees are salespeople. It’s not an easy job, but if you have the skills

and desire, you can be very successful. For this Capstone Project, you are going to immerse yourself in the world of


This project will be broken down into four separate parts. The culmination of your work will be a Power Point

Presentation (10 slides minimum) outlining the benefits of your product or service.



What’s your passion? Where do you fit?

The best salespeople have passion for the product or service they are selling. They also work for a company who

shares their commitment and dedication. For this Capstone project, you will make a self-assessment of your skills

and choose a company that will be a good fit.

Write a minimum 4-5 sentences for each part answering the following questions:


What skills do you possess that will be beneficial to a sales job?

Here is a great article that can help you:




What products or service would you like to sell? Why? Is your skill set a good match?


Research and choose a company that would be a good fit with your skills. Why did you choose this

company? How did you research and find this matc