create a short argumentative paper incorporating two sources that includes

Create a short argumentative paper incorporating two sources that includes, among other things, an accurately formatted Works Cited page.

Choose a topic and find an article on that topic to respond to. This must be an article published on or after April 30, 2019, WITH A DATE ON IT. This MUST come from a reliable source.

Once you have done some initial thinking, decide what other outside perspective (“they”) your paper needs and find a second article to incorporate into your writing. This could be a viewpoint that opposes the first article (or opposes your argument). This could be further information on the topic not presented in the original article. In any event, your second article should enhance the pool of information you have to respond to, not repeat it. It doesn’t matter what date this second article is published.

Banned topics include: abortion, birth control, euthanasia, drinking age, marijuana, death penalty, anything about guns, and immigration. (Other ineligible topics are those I’ve had students write about recently: the NFL protests, climate change, voting rights, science denial, and vaccinations.) Even if I haven’t listed a topic, you should consider whether it IS an overdone topic and decide accordingly.