create an excel spreadhseet for determinng a preliminary cost based on the items needed for a successful soc operation

please follow the insturctions below:

Okay, you are the new CISO in charge of creating a brand new Security Operations Center (SOC). The Incident Management SOC is for a medium size technology company ranging from 1000 to 5000 full-time employees with a cybersecurity budget of $2.1 million.

As the CISO you need to determine the details of the following; determine positions with appropriate labor rates, determine realistic costs of hardware and equipment. determine realistic costs of required SIEM and analytic tools, determine realistic costs of threat intelligence feeds and subscriptions. The SOC should run 24 x 7 with a rotational shift schedule. Use the items below as a guide.

Determine a preliminary cost based on the items needed for a successful SOC operation. Use the internet to get basic costs and create a spreadsheet for the total cost of operations. Be aware of your budget of $2.1 million.

Please re-watch the video building a future SOC and see below for the items necessary for the SOC operations.

The MS Excel spreadsheet should be neat and clean for document presentation.


The SOC will be manned with personnel from the following classifications; Analyst I – 5 ea. FTE, Analyst II – 5 ea. FTE, Analyst III – 5 ea. FTE, SOC Operations Manager – 1 FTE, Deputy SOC Operations Manager – 1 FTE, Ops Team Leaders – 5 ea. FTE

*(Full Time Employee (FTE))

Hardware and Equipment – This would be mobile devices, servers, screens and end user devices.

Ticketing System – Incident tracking

End -User Cybersecurity Tools

Good Luck!

(NOTE: All costs have to be realistic and pulled from a data source and cited. I will check to see if your budget makes sense)