creating cover letters and using tables to create resume

On Page 1, click in the blank paragraph below the letterhead, and then press ENTER three times. Use the Date & Time command to insert the current date using the third format.

Press ENTER four times, and then type the following:

Mr. Joseph James, President
Accelerate Jobs Online
One Technology Park
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Press ENTER two times, type Dear Mr. James: and then press ENTER two times.

Insert the text from the downloaded file w013G_Text.docx.

Move to the top of the document, and then run a spelling and grammar check on the document. Ignore fax, correct the spelling error belive (which should be believe), correct the spelling error suceed (which should be succeed), correct the grammar error an (which should be a), correct the grammar error arranged (which should be arrange), ignore all occurrences of Kute, and ignore the spelling of the proper names Reddit and StumbleUpon. If the tool does not flag one of these changes, locate the error and fix it manually.

By using the Find whole words only option, replace all instances of ad with advertisement.

On Page 1, in the paragraph that begins While a student, use the Thesaurus to replace the word users with clients. In the same paragraph, replace the word strategies with its synonym approaches.

On Page 1, in the paragraph that begins After you have, move the first sentence to the end of the paragraph.

On Page 1, in the second blank line below the paragraph that begins At Kiki Kute Apparel, insert a one-column, three-row table. Add the following text to the table you just inserted:

Microsoft Office

On Page 1, AutoFit the contents of the table.

To the table on Page 1, apply the Grid Table 4 – Accent 3 table style.

Center the table on Page 1 between the left and right margins.

On Page 2, insert a row above the second row in the table. Add the following text to the row you just inserted:

Left Column: OBJECTIVE
Right Column: To obtain a Director of Social Media Marketing position using my experience and skills in community management and search engine optimization.

In the row you just added, apply Bold to the word OBJECTIVE, and then in the second cell, add 12 pt Spacing After.

Add the File Name to the footer.

On Page 2, remove all borders from the resume table, and then apply a custom single solid line 1 1/2 pt top border to only the first row.

On Page 2, merge the cells in the first row of the table. Center the contents of the merged cell, and apply Bold.

On Page 2, in the first row, select Kayla Jackson, change the Font Size to 20 pt, and then add 24 pt Spacing Before.

On Page 2, in the line containing the email address at the bottom of the first cell, change the Spacing After to 24 pt.

On Page 2, select the text in the cell to the right of QUALIFICATIONS. Format the text in the cell as a bulleted list with solid round bullets.