Creating Interview Questions Discussion

Discussion: Creating Interview Questions

Sam Pederson, the head of HR at Leeland Radiological Laboratory, met with the manager of the X-ray department to get a better idea of the kind of individual they needed to fill the vacant assistant X-ray technician position. Later, Sam reflected on how the manager described the department and the role. He then began drafting interview questions that would help Sam determine whether the applicant was a good fit.

The interview process is a key component of the employee recruiting process. Designing a good interview can lead to hiring the right person for a job and may even predict future employee performance (Foster, 2013). Interviewing is a skill that requires training (Quinn, 2018). The interview process can be successful if the interviewer has structure and format, follows guidelines, and conducts it in a staged manner (Steindhart, 2017).

In this Discussion you will select a position in the field of healthcare and imagine you are an HR manager who will be conducting interviews for this position. Then, you will draft several interview questions in preparation for the interview.

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To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review Chapter 12 and 13 of the McConnell (2020) textbook.
  • Select a position in the field of healthcare to focus on for this Discussion. You may find one published on the website of one of your local healthcare organizations or posted on or
  • Imagine you are an HR manager who will be conducting interviews for the position you selected.
  • Develop at least one open-ended interview question for each of the following areas you would pose during the interview.
    • Organizational culture
    • Organizational fit
    • Organizational fit as related to diversity
    • Organizational fit as related to inclusion
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance at the workplace
    • Legal issues and government regulations
    • Question of character.