criminal justice 103

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View your discussion rubric.

Remember, to be persuasive, you must use facts and logic. Identify the sources of information that you use, and don’t draw general conclusions from specific incidents.

Domestic violence and allegations of domestic violence are a significant issue that a prosecutor has to deal with. A great deal of physical and emotional damage can be done in a variety of ways during the actual occurrence of one of these events and again during the court proceedings that may follow it.

Chapter nine has a section on No-Drop prosecution which discusses some of the issues surrounding the practice, and you may find more information about No-Drop prosecution here.

Once you have read these two documents, look at Concept Summary 9.3 in the text.

Thinking about what you have learned in regards to No-Drop domestic violence prosecution, are there any of the prosecutorial decision making factors in the Concept Summary that you think would justify dropping a domestic violence case after it has been filed? Why? What could be the negative outcome of dropping the case for the reason you chose?