criminal justice correctional system term paper 1

Paper (100 points)

A research paper on an APPROVED topic on border protection or immigration: the work must be original. The paper should should address a specific crime or set of crimes, or a specific type of offender or offenders, using one or more selected theories from this course. The term paper is NOT to be a simple literature review of the theory, but should be one where creative application of the theory is utilized with a specific issue related to criminal behavior.

Students are required to follow the American Psychological Association Writing Guidelines which are most comprehensively covered in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 5th. Ed., although condensed and simplified versions of the APA formatting a referencing requirements may be found on-line and in other writing manuals.

Term Paper Grading:

Organization, including use of APA format 20%

Use of Outside References, including quality and quantity 20%

Topic, consisting of both the report on the chosen theory of interest

and student demonstration of points germane to this course 20%

Comprehensiveness, thorough and in-depth coverage 20%

Writing Style, subjective assessment by the instructor 20%