critical thinking questions create a mind map to identify the essential procedures develop decision tree

You are planning to start an online marketing for your KSA based restaurant chain named as “Al-Mataam.”

  • Create a mind map to identify the essential procedures to carry out an Internet marketing for “Al-Mataam”. [Note: Mind map must be up to three levels]
  • Develop a decision tree to help your online customer to determine what meal to buy from “Al-Mataam”. You may use any attribute you wish (cost, calories,) type of food (Veg, Non-Veg (chicken, Mutton, beef, or Fish)) Regional Food (Arabian, India, Turkish, Chinese, etc).

As a CEO of “Al-Mataam” you have to hire a Restaurant Manager for its Riyadh location. You have shortlisted the following five candidates with their skill set.

Rate each criteria on a scale of 1-5. In this case, 1 is less important and 5 is most important. Based on the weightage and criteria identify the most suitable candidate.