Cypress College History Events Influences Question

Instructions: Watch
the video and read the articles. Answer ALL the questions. Simply copy
and paste the questions and write at least 4-5 sentences in response to
each question. All answers must be written in your own words. Do not
cut and .

  1. Why did Juana Ramirez join the convent?
  2. What were her greatest literary accomplishments?
  3. What role did the Jesuits play in colonial education?
  4. Why were Sor Juana’s works published in Spain instead of New Spain?
  5. Who was “Sor Filotea”? How did Sor Juana respond to Sor Filotea’s letter?
  6. Why was the Carta Atenagorica considered to be “heretical” in New Spain, but not in Spain?
  7. What led to Sor Juana’s abjuration?