data analytics exercise 8

In this exercise, students will conduct a simple Linear Regression using SAS and Excel. The student will create a summary report of their analysis and create an informative graphic that is included in a business memorandum that provides a recommendation based on their analysis of the dataset. Note: You must submit the SAS and Excel tables and figures that prove you conducted a Regression Analysis to include all the statistics mentioned in the Dax 5 video and DAX 5 instructions below (show and discuss the critical number values: Pr, R-Square, Bo & B1 and what they mean.

Our research question is “Is the length of a car a good predictor of its horsepower?” You need to turn this question into a statistical question that you can answer using this data. You may need to do additional research to inform your recommendation. Remember, this is just one data set. Is there other data that you could find that would support or not support your findings?