Data Warehouse Website Paper

Complete the HRSA Data Warehouse Website Activity and Reflection

  1. Read about the HRSA Data website and what it does here:
  2. Explore the rest of the tabs on the site.
  3. Watch the “How-To Video: Find a Health Center Locator Tool” tutorial found at the following link:
  4. Explore some data by selecting Clark County, Nevada using the Data by Geography tool here:
  5. Next use the HRSA Fact Sheets tool located here: to  look up HRSA’s activities in HHS regions, states, counties, and  congressional districts and compare the data to the Clark County, Nevada  data you found using your geography results. Analyze the data included  in the fact sheets. Consider the data sets found in the fact sheets. How  does Nevada compare nationwide when it comes to the data sets? What  about Clark County?
  6. Complete a new search using the Data for  Geography tool for your state and county. Compare the results of your  query to your Clark County, Nevada search.
  7. Identify HRSA program resources for HIV/AIDS in your state and county. What are they? How many clinics are funded by HRSA?