Define how power is divided in a Federalist system.

Define how power is divided in a Federalist system.


· What is Dual Federalism?

· What is Cooperative Federalism?

· What did the supreme court decide in the McCulloch v. Maryland case that expanded the interpretation of the enumerated powers?

· What clause of the constitution allows congress to regulate discrimination in all private businesses?

· What 3 factors have led to an increase in National Government power since the 1930″s?


Essay Question- If we had a Unitary state what could the national government do to improve conditions in police departments across the country.? What are the only things under Federalism that the national government can do to reform police departments and prosecute police officers engaged in misconduct? ( 250 words)





short answers

1. In the lecture section we defined federalism. What is our class definition of federalism?

2. What provision of the constitution was under consideration in the Gibbons case?

3. Why is the Katzenbach decision so important in increases the authority of congress? Also what law was declared legal as a result of this decision?

4. Why do states rights advocates assert the importance of the 10th amendment? Go to the constitution and copy the full text of the 10th amendment.

5. Cooperative federalists state 4 reasons why this cooperative arrangement works. What are their 4 reasons?


Let’s look at federalism during the present pandemic. We have the Defense Production act which could be used to allow the national government to compel businesses to produce products and services to marshal its resources to provide adequate protective equipment and supplies to combat the virus. The Trump administration doesn’t want to use this power to collectively plan in a coordinated way to eradicate this disease. This is the states rights ideology. Do you agree with this approach? Look at the defense production act , would you use it if you had presidential power? (300 Words) Also reply to one other student.