Democracy & Terrorism Policies



In the American Democracy, how should the rights of the individual be balanced against those of a society as a whole?

Discuss this question and include at least 2 specific examples within your post. Pick specific issues for your examples. Carry your specific examples through to your conclusion regarding this balance of rights.

An example might be something as seemingly mundane as building a particular bridge or a particular highway or health care.



Read the hostage memorandum posted under your Week 8 Class Folder.

Read the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options. Pick one of the options and research the details of both the advantages and disadvantages listed.

Tell us which option you picked and tell us the details supporting the advantages and disadvantages and then tell us why this option is better than the other two options. State the reasons why. (You are essentially doing your own critical analysis of your option).



Discuss whether our foreign and military policy in Syria should be based on American interests or a conception of human rights.

State the pros and cons of your own viewpoint and discuss both foreign and military policy. This is NOT a discussion of “We should do this…” or “We should do that…” or “I think/feel this….” or “I think/feel that…”. This is a specific discussion of policy. You will have to do some research on what the policies are, both military and foreign.

Watch the video I posted on this week’s announcement. It is one attempt at explaining the chronological development of the situation in Syria. It is a complicated situation.

I’ll send the video soon!
300 words or less for each discussion board
No generalizations or opinions. State facts only!!