demonstrate your understanding of aspects of the assigned reading

Do not use any sources except those assigned in the syllabus on and between those dates.

Use 12 point type, double-space, paginate your paper, you must meet the page minimum (4 full pages) and give it a title that suggests what it is about

Interpreting at least oneexample from each of two of the readings covered by this assignment:

Identify, define, then explain the effects of one contradiction in US life during the period they cover (including the Cold War, theCivil Rights Movement, and other social movements and events written about in Freeman chapters 2, 4 (pages 90-109 as assigned), 5, 6, 7 (pages 178-186 as assigned) as well as the other readings assigned from September 20through Friday, November 1(May, Coontz, Agueros, Friedan, Childress, Roth, King, Malcolm X, in Rudnick et al, the “Author’s Notes,” chronology 1940-1965, and chapters 1-2 in Guskin and Wilson, Freedman’s depiction of Frank Trotta Sr., and the essay by James Baldwin). You may write about an economic, political, social class, ethnic/racial, or geographicalcontradiction or any other contradiction that you canconvincingly identify and define.

Identify and define a contradiction, choose the readings that best expresses that contradiction, then write an essay, interpreting at least one example from each oftwo readings to explain how that subject expresses or respondsto that contradiction in American life.

I will provide the pictures of the two readings that i choose

4-5 pages