describe the relationship between brain abnormalities and psychopathic behavior

Professor’s Instructions:

The final paper is a review paper on a topic relating to brain and behavior relationship. The articles used for this paper are empirical research paper published in peered review journal. You are required to have a minimum of 5 articles and cite them in your review. The final paper has a 5 page minimum, double space and 12 point font. The style can either be Verdana, Times Roman, Ariel, or Courier. Your final paper has to be APA style that contains the following:

Cover Page

Literature Review


IMPORTANT: The professor specifically said he wants absolutely NO QUOTES in this paper. So all research has to be paraphrased and cited.

I have decided to write the paper on the relationship between abnormalities in the brain and how that translates to psychopathy. I have already come up with an introduction and a thesis so please follow the outline provided for you. I have also went ahead and written the first paragraph. I will be uploading the first page of this essay that I have done so far and you can copy and paste that onto your document and continue writing from there. Please feel free to ask any questions, thank you 🙂

Notes: I have also left some cool information in the document I will be uploading in case you want to use it in the last paragraph as a part of “treatment methods”. It is highlighted in pink and it needs to be paraphrased and cited. (The website is under) Also, don’t worry about the citation “Santana” I have already made in my work, I will fix that and add it to the reference page once you have finished.

Lastly, I have put in the description for this assignment that I’m requiring 4 pages but that is only because I am providing the first page for you. The final product has to be 5 pages not including the cover or reference page.