design e r diagram make a database access it using c

i got this final project and it got 3 parts, submit each part alone, a file for each part. (3 files)

make sure you follow the instructions carefully, include comments/explanations.

(book attached, hopefully you don’t need it)

Part 1:

Design an E-R Diagram for an Art Gallery. Gallery keeps information about: Artist their Name(unique), Phone, Address, Birth place, Age & Style of Art, Art Work, Artist, Unique title, Type of art, date of creation if known (can be NULL), date acquired by gallery, Price, location (Blue Room, Front Room, Basement, etc.) Customer, Customer Number, Phone, Art preferences Art shows, Artist, date and time, location, contact, contact phone

Part 2:

Make a database from the art gallery ER assignment that you have already submitted (part1).

expand the earlier ER. Then, being creative, populate each table with at least 4 tuples each.

Submit printouts of both the populated tables, and the scripts used to accomplish them.

Some Types include:-

• Surrealism. …

• Conceptual Art. …

• Pop Art. …

• Photorealism. …

• Hyperrealism. …

• Minimalism. …

• Religious

• Works of 19th century

• Still Life

  • Pottery
  • Sculpture

  • Part 3:

    Access Gallery Database Using C++

    Write an application that allows a user to:

    – Print records from the DB

    – Access any record based on attribute values

    – Sort a report

    Program may use static sql.

    Submit your program source and object code and a printout of query results.