development of a questionnaire to measure perceived reasons for divorce seeking 350 words

Using the textbook, required articles and recommended resources, construct a 5-6 item questionnaire on a topic of your choice. Your questionnaire can include either open-ended questions. Submit your completed questionnaire to this discussion forum. no plagiarize, spell check, and check your grammar. Please use the reference below

Be sure to consider the following when responding:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the questionnaire overall?
  • Consider how the items are worded and the response choices, if applicable, are provided.
    • Are the questions clear and concise?
    • Are there any questions that are vague or unclear?
    • If applicable, are the response choices effective?
    • Is there only one correct response choice?
    • Are there any unintentional cues to the correct answer?

f.Do the items appear to be a good measure of what the student is wanting to assess?

3.How could the questionnaire be improved?


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