Diabetes Research paper

A&P 2 2020

 Term Paper Description and Requirements


Based on your research and what you are learning in class, please write an APA formatted paper focusing on a particular disease or disorder involving the organ systems covered in A&P 2.  You can choose diseases or disorders of nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, digestive or lymphatic systems.  The paper must be 3 pages (minimum).  The page count does not include the Title Page and Reference sections.


  • Title Page- as per APA format including page numbers throughout paper (staple paper- no folder) 12 point font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins



  • Page 1+ of the body should include the following information about the disease or disorder
  • which organs are involved
  • disease process
  • which population is most affected
  • signs and symptoms
  • how it is diagnosed
  • treatment/cure/prevention
  • and anything else you feel will help the class understand your chosen topic


  • Page 2+ of the body should be a synopsis of at least 2 current or ongoing research findings (Experiments) on your particular topic. Describe the experiment design, findings and authors’ conclusions. These must be peer-reviewed journal entries found in PubMed.org.


  • Page 3+ of the body is the human experience. In this page, you will summarize in your own words and while protecting HIPPA, the experiences shared by individuals or family members of individuals experiencing the disease you chose.  This information can be best gotten by browsing online support communities, social media groups or personal blogs.  Be sure to include at least 2 different people’s experiences.


  • Last page should be your reference page- be sure to include all references including Pubmed, and online support communities. Use proper APA format for references.


  • Citations from sites such as WIKIPEDIA or “ASK.com” will not be considered valid.



Important Term Paper Dates

  • Monday of Week 2 – Topic of Paper Due (claim topic in discussion on Blackboard)
  • Thursday of Week 3 – Final Paper Due (Blackboard submission by 9am)
Grading Rubric Research Paper  
Content (60% of Total Grade)    
Page 1+ Factual information about the disease includes organs involved demographics, diagnosis, treatment, symptoms, prognosis, etc. Student writes in their own words (not copy/paste) in paragraph form, not lists or bullet points. 20  
Page 2+ Discusses in a scholarly fashion a minimum of 2 peer reviewed research journal articles outlining the latest research (no more than 5 years old).  Student describes in their own words the experiment design and the findings reported. 20  
Page 3+ Discreetly portrays the human experience of the disease from the viewpoint of a minimum of 2 separate individuals while protecting HIPAA 20  
Composition & Format (40% of Total Grade)    
Format: Correct APA Style format including title page (4 pts), running head (4 pts.), abstract (4 pts.) , in-text citations (4 pts.), APA formatted references;   including human experience references(4 pts). 20  
Research: Appropriate use of scholarly sources (minimum of 2 peer reviewed journal articles cited from pubmed) 5  
Demonstrates good use of grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Points awarded as follows: 0-5 errors (15 points) 6-10 errors (10 points) 11+ errors (0 points) 15  
Bonus points for meeting with the Writing Studio (form must be stapled to the back of your paper) +5  
Deductions for Late Work (5 points for every day late)    
Deductions for Low Page Count (10 Points for every 1 page below the minimum 3 page count required.    
Final Score    




BSC2086 Human Anatomy & Physiology 2

Dr. Catherine Prann


Student Name:  

Research Paper Checklist


¨   Is this paper in APA format 12 point font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, printed single-sided (title page, reference page, and in-text citations)?


¨   Is this paper a minimum of 3 pages (not including the title page and reference page)?


¨   Is there a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed journal articles from pubmed cited in the research section by author last name?
¨   Is the paper free of spelling and grammatical errors?  Have you run it through a spell check and grammar check and made corrections?


¨   Is the paper a representation of your research and written in your own words? (The SafeAssign report should be under 20%)


¨   Is the paper written in Standard English? (The paper is free of slang words, abbreviations, or informal language.)


¨   Is the paper written in APA style of citations? (Do in-text citations correspond with references?)


¨   If you visited the writing studio for help, have you included the verification form stapled to the back of this paper?


¨   Does the paper include a minimum of 2 human experiences cited in the references while protecting anonymity?
¨   Have you verified your APA formatting through the APA Formatting and Style Guide – The Owl at Purdue  http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl