Reaching a diagnosis is more than just saying “This is the diagnosis.” It is also important to justify why you believe it is the appropriate diagnosis. Consider the following questions to support your justification and help you complete this week’s assignment:

  • !!!answer in APA  format!!!! ““`What are the symptoms that you are either seeing yourself or hearing about from the client that support the diagnosis?
  • If you are sent a client from another professional, can you identify why the client was given a diagnosis?

First, read the case study about SarahThen, write a justification for the diagnosis of major depressive disorder given to Sarah by her previous counselor using the DSM. !!!!case study attachment is attached!!!!please read before completing assighnment

  1. please read!!!!!
  2. Specifically, the following critical elements should be addressed:
    1. Provide the overall descriptor of the diagnosis.
    2. Outline the criteria that must be met for the diagnosis.
    3. Describe which client behaviors are being used to meet the diagnostic criteria.