differences in global policy and standards 1

Message From the Consulting Company Director:Great, glad you are here. Listen, we need to send you overseas on an important job.We expect this to be an extended deployment of about six months. This job will be involved in helping some companies in developing countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia develop policies to deal with cyber threats and to deal with the high rate of cyber attacks coming from both within and outside their countries.In order to get prepared for this important trip, I need you to brush up on some of the issues you will encounter. It is really essential that you have a firm grounding in current international security policy, strategies, and issues.You will most likely run into ethical and cultural issues that affect policy development so you will need to be prepared for any cultural shock as well as dealing with issues such as bribery and corruption at all levels.I think this is a great opportunity.You only have ten weeks to get prepared so you should start right in.As you prepare we would like you to complete a publishable paper of your research so that we can use it for others who have similar assignments.

Description: While the threats to cyber security continue to grow globally, there still is no common set of policies, although countries and organizations such as the UN, EU, US, and NATO continue efforts to address the policy issue separately. Unfortunately, as countries develop strategies for cyber security separately, they run the risk of policies that are not aligned or seek a common solution.Many now call for an international policy on cyber security that would help regulate Internet access without interfering with eCommence, economics, or personal right to information.

Task:Complete section II of the research paper.This section will provide:

1.An overview of the differences in global policies and standards.

2.A discussion of strategies nations have used to combat cyber crime.

Be sure to cite all sources in APA format.4-6 pages