Discuss History of African Americans, writing homework help


Franklin & Higginbotham: From Slavery to Freedom, A History of African Americans, 9ed,
Chapters 4 to 6

-Discuss interactions between Native American peoples and black slaves.

 a. Why did members of the two groups sometimes cooperate and sometimes
fight against each other? 

b. How did European colonists respond to the threat of cooperation between
blacks and Indians? 

2. Discuss the military roles of black Americans during the War for Independence.

 a. How did the various militaries consider in their policies regarding the
enlistment of black soldiers?

 b. Which factors contributed to black men’s decision to enlist on one side or the

c. How important was black soldiers’ battlefield performance to the outcome of
the war? 

3. What role did churches and fraternal organizations play in northern black

a. Did black women share equal access to these institutions with black men? 

b. What avenues were open during this time for black women to engage in
public matters?