Discuss the differences between speed and velocity own your word.

Report 2 Instructions

Projectile Motion

Download this document and record the results in the table below as prompted by the procedure. Save the completed document to your computer, include photos, and upload the final 1–2-page Word document.

Take a photo of the setup at the prompt in the assignment.

The Data Table is intended to be filled out from left to right with the columns before calculated distance being computed by the principles within the laboratory exercise. Using the data table, calculate for an initial angle (and incremented angles thereafter), the acceleration of the steel ball, the velocity, time until the ball hits the ground, and the horizontal distance the ball should travel. You will mark the calculated position on the floor and then measure the actual distance traveled.

Submit photo of completed table showing all your work.


2.The laboratory exercise for this chapter addresses kinematic motion. You have experienced these motions in everyday life.


Discuss the differences between speed and velocity own your word.

Does the kinematic motion of an object depend on the object’s mass or other properties of the object? Why or Why Not?

Discuss 1 or 2 examples of kinematic motion that you may have encountered.

Submit Report 2 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 3.