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1.Third Political Parties

The Populist Party was one of the few “third” political parties to have an impact on the national political scene. Discuss one or more of the following:

Why is it so difficult for third-party movements to succeed in the United States? Did the Populist party ever have a chance? Did it miss or misplay an opportunity that might have led it to become stronger and more influential than it was? Is the experience of the Populist party in any way instructive to the challenges today of launching a third-party movement?

2.Suspension of Civil Rights during WWI

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During WWI, the United States (and many state governments) suspended many of our customary civil rights, citing security concerns and the need to promote a unified mindset against a dangerous enemy. Given the gravity of the war crisis, was the government’s suspension of civil rights during WWI an “acceptable” violation of our Constitution, or should our freedoms never be restricted for any cause?

The Progressive Party

3.What was the importance of the third-party (Progressive/”Bull Moose”) candidate and party on the outcome of the 1912 election? Explain.