discussion 11 social media amp the workplace respond to two of your classmates posts

According to Brown (2019) almost three-out-of-four (72%) people are active on social media. I come across people who represent various generations who simply say things like “I do not use social media” or “I do not trust social media” but are there negative implications to not having any social media presence at all? I have held positions at organizations that ask for all social media handles. Read the following article (Links to an external site.) regarding self censoring social media posts and it affect on promotions at work.

Discuss the following amongst your peers:

  • Should social media users keep their content hidden?
  • Will having no social media presence affect workplace promotions?
  • What are some benefits of having a professional social media presence?
  • What are some examples of things you should not share on social media?

Discussion Posts

: Initial discussion posts must be answered by Respond to two of your classmates posts by order to achieve full credit. Be sure that both initial posts and responses follow APA citation formatting.