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you need to say what you agree on with each of the following discussions. each is individual, and you need to write a response of each of them individually. you need to say, ” I agree with you on… “. one paragraph for each. 


I think teachers and parents should aware of how children’s brain develop. Early brain development and health are very important for later development and health because in early ages the brain states to grow up fast and memorize the experiences that happen. “The majority of the neurons in the brain have developed by 24 Weeks, although they are still rudimentary, and the glial or nurse cells that support neurons continue to grow” (Prenatal Development, page 44). There are many factors that effect on child’s brain in very first months of development. Mothers have to pay attention to these factors like: drugs, alcohol, and stress. Also, nutrition has main role to develop brain. “Breast milk offers the best mix of nutrients for promoting brain growth” (Frequently asked questions about brain development, page 3). Breast milk is one of the best source of liquid nutrition that toddler can get it.

One way that teachers can support healthy brain development in toddler hood is to make a creative environment for kids to grow up their skills and knowledge. Children can easily grow up their skills with listening to storyteller, watching cartoon, and making new things with art. In this way, the children can develop their language skills. For example, I have a three year old cousin who is very smart. Whenever, I sing a song for him, he repeats after me and try to memorize it. He understand most of vocabulary of the song and the reason is when his mother was pregnant, she always listen to music and sometimes she put headphone on her belly. That was so interesting for me.

Second, teachers/parents have to pay attention on eating habit of their kids and make the healthy eating program for their kids. The nutrition foods have important effect on physical and mental growing. I remember, when I was kid, my mother always made small bag of different ironically foods to take them to school.



In my opinion, I think care teachers need to know that during the process of a child’s development, genes and environment are critically important. Genes are the foundation of a child’s life and environment. Also, a baby’s nutrition has an effect on their development. “Children who are malnourished–not just fussy eaters but truly deprived of adequate calories and protein in their diet–throughout this period do not adequately grow, either physically or mentally.” Between mid-gestation and two years old, if the child is malnourished their brains are smaller than normal. I feel like that piece of information is important because malnourishment leads to behavioral and cognitive deficits.  

One way a care teacher can support healthy brain development is by providing the child with stimulation. Specifically including examples of comforting, singing, and talking to them. Providing them with “nurture”. Language plays a very important part and is fundamental to cognitive development. 



The early experiences that a child goes through are essential in enhancing his/her brain development. To effectively advise parents about ensuring that their children have effective brain development, care teachers should be aware of the different factors that lead to positive or negative brain development outcomes in children from the womb, through infancy and in toddlerhood. This knowledge will inform care practice and ensure that care teachers steer the parents towards achieving positive brain development outcomes that would impact their children positively later in life (Shriver, 2014). The care teachers also need to know about the importance of breastfeeding in enhancing brain development in infants and toddlers and inform the mothers about the same (Bergland, 2013). Moreover, they need to be aware of the significance of enough sleep in enhancing healthy brain development in infants and toddlers (Dahl, 2007). 

Care teachers play an essential role in supporting healthy brain development in toddlers and infants. However, some of these roles begin as early as during pregnancy. Care teachers ensure that pregnant women are appropriately vaccinated to protect them from diseases or infections that might adversely affect the brain development of their unborn babies. They also ensure that pregnant women are healthy and free from depression or trauma, as well as toxins from smoking and alcohol abuse, which may affect the baby’s brain. Around birth, care teachers inform the mothers about the significance of newborn screening, which can detect any abnormal dangers to a child’s brain like phenylketonuria (PKU). The mothers are also advised to ensure that their infants stay safe from traumatic head injuries and receive appropriate vaccines to protect their brains and enhance brain development. FILLER TEXT

As a care teacher, I would enhance the parents’ knowledge about their children by informing them about the fundamentals of child development so that they become more aware of their child’s situation and understand them more. I would emphasize the significance of early experiences or interventions in ensuring healthy brain development. Another practice I would engage in is tracking the development of the children during infancy and early childhood, since most brain damages or risks present themselves at these stages. I might involve the parents in ensuring that the child’s healthy brain development is tracked to identify any abnormal activity along the way and remedy the situation before it gets worse.



It is important for care teachers to know about brain development during the womb because whatever the mother did/consume can determine how the child will come out to be. For example certain teratogens can be harmful to the baby during the fetal period. During the fetal period, many neurons are being formed. On page 45, the book Lifespan Development  states, “One exception is in the hippocampus, which continues to develop neurons throughout life”.  Throughout a child’s life, a part of their brain is constantly developing. Which is important for care teachers to know because the information they teach, is the information the student will learn. 

One way care teachers can support healthy brain development is making sure the child has a proper balance. Making sure the child has proper nutrition is beneficial for not only their brain but also other body organs. One way I can make sure that my students have proper nutrition is talking with parents about how important it is for developing. I will try and introduce children to more green foods/ veggies once a week in class. I also understand that children will like sweets and candies so I will try and get some without artificial sweeteners. 

Another way to support healthy brain development is making sure you are caring, loving, and giving the child attention. Most of that should start at home. However, since most parents do tend to go to work after a year or so, the child spends a majority of time with their care teacher. In that case, it will be important for me to make sure I have a good and understandable relationship with the child. I will want them to feel welcomed each time they step into my classroom. I would also want them to leave knowing a new piece of information. I would also want my students to know that my classroom  is a safe place for them.