discussion 2958

Please read all interlinkage then write about 300 words discussion, At the same time select two person to reply to the discussion. Each reply 50 words. Person discussion in files.

We will start our unit on Poetry (Links to an external site.) this week.

Here are the poems we will read and discuss:

Robert Frost (Links to an external site.) “Desert Places (Links to an external site.)”

Theodore Roethke (Links to an external site.) “Root Cellar”https://www.almanac.com/content/root-cellars-types-and-storage-tips

Dylan Thomas (Links to an external site.) “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Links to an external site.)”

Anne Bradstreet (Links to an external site.) “The Author to her Book (Links to an external site.)”

In the discussion, be sure to cover each poem somewhere in your posts, whether in your initial post or your replies. You need to discuss all four poems.