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“Dashboards” Please respond to the following:

Read the article, “HPE Business Value Dashboard.” Then, find an organization that has adopted a real-time dashboard for its internal use within the last three years. Do not repeat examples from the textbook or that have been posted by other students. Please respond to the following:

  • What are the most important parts of this dashboard?
  • How do these parts help the business managers? How do they help the individual contributors?
  • Have real-time dashboards replaced the traditional business report? Justify your answer.

Pls response to this below:

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Ebay has a customer service tool to help sellers on eBay determine how well their “customer service practices” are compared to other eBay sellers. It also lets the seller know how eBay feels about how “well the seller is doing and how likely the seller is to encounter problems on eBay because of something they have and/or have not done.” (Hsiao, 2019).

The most important parts of this dashboard include an area where the “seller can evaluate their recent eBay performance and identify areas that need improvement” when compared to eBay’s policies. The dashboard will show how the item the seller is selling will be “displayed in eBay’s best match search results for items of the same kind in which they are selling”. “Raised” means how actively eBay is endorsing their products compared to others; “standard” means the seller’s product is in its proper position and “lowered” means eBay is not supporting the seller’s product because of prior issues such as “poor customer service and/or policy compliance.” (Hsiao, 2019).

They also have an expanded service that will tell the seller whether or not you as the seller will “receive a discount on your seller fees as a result of good seller performance, and if so, what the percentage of the discount is”. (Hsiao, 2019).

In the summary the seller will find eBay’s observation of how they have complied with eBay’s policies. “All sellers should strive for a “good” rating, rather than a “fair” or “poor” rating here, as anything below “good” places the seller is in line for potential account restrictions. Note, too, that even with a “good” rating, the seller can still be punished or suspended immediately for relevant offenses.” (Hsiao, 2019).

You will also find in the seller’s dashboard information on “buyer’s satisfaction” and a detailed listing of “seller account status” which shows “any fees the seller currently owes.” You will also find a “summary of the seller’s lifetime transactions on eBay and their total value in dollars.” (Hsiao, 2019).

How do these business parts help the business managers? How do they help the individual contributors? These parts of the dashboard will help both the seller and the consumer. Having this information available to the seller will assure that the seller’s “selling activities” are in compliance with eBay’s expectations. It helps the consumer of eBay products assure they are doing business with companies who are in good graces with eBay’s policies and customer service expectations. (Hsiao, 2019).

Have real-time dashboards replaced traditional business reports? I do not believe real-time dashboards have replaced traditional business reports. I believe they both have a place in properly aligning the company’s business practices to business goals. According to DJ Wardynski (2017) in his article, Visual Business Intelligence Dashboards or Reports: Which is Best for Your Business?, the answer to this question is clear as mud. Part of the problem arises with people’s definition of what is a “report” and the format in which the report is requested. Fortunately, with the advancement of computers come more user-friendly organization and format of the data. “Fundamentally, both dashboards and reports serve the same purpose: condensing information in a summary format that a decision-maker can use to make decisions quickly. The difference is in how they are created and for what kind of audience.” (Wardynski (2017).

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