discussion 3065


From 16.2

“School systems in the United States also transmit the core values of the nation through manifest functions like social control. One of the roles of schools is to teach students conformity to law and respect for authority. Obviously, such respect, given to teachers and administrators, will help a student navigate the school environment. This function also prepares students to enter the workplace and the world at large, where they will continue to be subject to people who have authority over them. Fulfillment of this function rests primarily with classroom teachers and instructors who are with students all day.”

Based on the articles you read, and the talk you watched, list three core American values that medical school helps to reinforce.


Thinking about what you read, provide some insight into the following questions:

  1. What is one manifest function and one latent function of sleep deprivation in medical school?
  2. How would you think about this from a perspective of conflict theory? From feminist theory?