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Discussion 1

Ethical Decision-Making

As part of the final component of your course project, you will include a one-page discussion of a potential ethical challenge in the I/O psychology subfield you have chosen to study. (Refer to the Applying Theory to Practice course project description for further context.)

In this discussion, we will identify potential ethical considerations associated with various subtopics in I/O psychology, giving you an opportunity to develop the framework for the ethical considerations section of your final paper and receive peer feedback on your selected topic.

Complete the following:

  • Provide an example from your unit readings or your own experience of an ethical gray area or dilemma that an I/O psychology practitioner might encounter.
  • Cite any standards from the APA code of ethics that inform your reply.
  • Identify what makes this challenging or a gray area.
  • Critique one scholarly journal article on ethical decision-making for its usefulness to increasing ethical leadership for psychologists or leaders in this scenario or others.
  • Explain why it is important to have ethical decision-making practices in place before situations such as this one arise.

Discussion 2


With numerous benefits for workers and their organizations, telecommuting remains a popular option. As more organizations operate globally, it also makes sense to form virtual teams that are culturally diverse.

  • Describe how culturally diverse virtual employees must be managed differently from on-site workers.
  • List a minimum of four key elements a manager needs to practice.