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  • Discussion Post #9: Compassion Campaigns (FA19) – Click here to post on discussion board

    For this week, our focus is on compassion toward the self and campaigns intended to spread compassion to others. For this week’s journal please peruse the websites below, watch the video, and answer the following questions. 500 words min.Video:http://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_goleman_on_compassion?language=enWebsites to view:http://compassionit.com/https://realitychangers.or…
    Questions.1) What are your thoughts about the Ted Talk presentation?2) Do you feel humans are inherently designed to be compassionate (look into mirror neurons)? Why? Why not?3) Are there specific cultures that are more compassionate than others? Why do you think this is? Provide examples.4) Assuming and hoping you want to – How can you better practice self-compassion?5) Which of the websites (comment on one provided, or feel free to find a non-profit website not on the list) do you feel does the best job at motivating others to practice compassion? Why?6) What role can you have in spreading compassion to others?*Once you have posted to the discussion board please comment on at least 5 classmates’ post. Since your classmates’ post will include responses to multiple questions you may choose which question you respond to. As always, please be respectful and open-minded with your responses. Once you have responded to the prompts and also to 5 of your classmates within the discussion board, put all of what you have wrote on one document and submit this through the related Turnitin link. You do not need a cover page, header, title, etc. Since you are submitting this through the Turnitin link, I already know who it is from. The first sentence should be the start of your response. Please do not include the question. You can include the question numbers though.