discussion board one full page 4 5 paragraphs


The course is International and Humanitarian Disaster Management.

The question is :

The recent Syrian refugee crisis has been classified as one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent history. Discuss three challenges associated with this humanitarian crisis. How would you recommend managing these challenges? Be prepared to substantiate your ideas.

The instructions are: please meet the requirements because Dr very harsh with grading.

1- One full page (4-5 paragraphs) with at least 3 references.

2- Write as a second Language and Use Simple Academic Words.

3- Use APA style format 6th edition including in-text citations.

4- Use the Grammarly program to correct all the mistakes that give you because my university checks and depends on Grammarly.

5- Avoid passive voice absolutely.

6- Avoid start new sentence with unclear subject such as (THIS).