discussion ix sharing special projects

In this forum students share their Special Projects and give feedback to other students. Later on, when you do the Special Project: Final Assessment, you will be reflecting on the feedback you get in this forum and also reflecting on what you learn from reading other projects.

To share your project, please respond directly to my post. At the top, include a title that indicates who you are, what your topic is, and what you did for a project. For example, it could be “Marisa–Building the Suez Canal (sculpture)” or “Glenda–Peasant Life in Ming China (short story).” Attach your project (or some representation of it online) and also your report for Special Project: Research Report. Sometimes people have trouble getting the post to accept more than one attachment. If so, you can always add a second attachment as part of a reply to the post. If you can share a link to your project, that is often a good alternative to using an attachment.

Please write a brief description to introduce your project. Please feel free to say anything relevant that could inspire people to look at your project and read your report…you might comment on why the topic is valuable, why you chose the project you did, or what you found most interesting about doing the project.

Please give feedback to at least three other people. Please write about 5-6 sentences for each project you discuss. Address your comments to the presenter(s). Mention specific things you find interesting in the project. You can comment on strengths you see, suggestions you can make, etc. If you can relate the project to something you are doing, that is also often helpful, but please make sure you are writing primarily about their project. You may also respond to the people who give you feedback…this is a great way to show you appreciate the feedback and perhaps reinforce or extend key ideas.

The forum is officially worth 20 points, but you can get up to 30 points if you really get into it. Please note you can get 5 points for sharing your project, if you follow the directions, and up to 5 points each time you respond to another student. You may do as many responses as you like. Please make sure they are meaningful 🙂

Please share your project as soon as you can, but no later than Nov 22, so that other students will have time to give you feedback. Please keep in mind that you and the other students will need to collect feedback that you can mention when you do the Special Project: Final Assessment. I will keep the forum open through Nov 25 so that students will have additional time to give and receive feedback.