discussion mod 5 cloud storage

You recently left your flash drive in the college computer la and lost all of your assignments. You now have to redo all your work. You have heard of cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox from your friends.


You decide to research the different types of cloud storage to back up your assignments. Using the internet, research three different cloud storage services and document your results in MS Office Word that includes the following information:

  • Web address of the service
  • Image of the cloud service website
  • Storage fee, either by month or year (or indicate if free)
  • Storage capacity
  • Speed of uploads and downloads
  • Available support services

Create an account with one online storage service (If you don’t have one). Load your research to the online storage site. Create a shared link to share your work.


Create a thread on this discussion board with the following:

500 words

  1. Share (copy from online storage and paste into the discussion board) a hyperlink to your your shared link from your research in a word file for the findings on the three online storage services.
  2. Reveal which online storage you used. What was your experience using online storage. Was it easy or difficult?
  3. Would you use online storage again?
  4. Has online storage ever benefited you in school/work?