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Part 1: Please answer the below in a min of 250 words.

Live Your Mission”

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

    1. Describe how your organization’s mission statement and values are implemented in the marketing, operations, technology, management, and social responsibility sections of your business plan.


  • State your company’s mission statement in quotation marks.
  • Outline your company’s values.
  • Explain how the mission and values are reflected in what you do at your NAB business in each of these areas: marketing, technology, management, and social responsibility.
  • Read this article to learn more about the importance of having a mission-driven company.

Part 2: Please comment on the students discussion post below in a minimum of 150 words. (Jessica)

Implementing Our Mission

“The mission of Sable Falls Purified Water is to provide safe drinking water to promote health and happiness. We strive to help individuals get that much closer to their health goals by providing a dynamic, calorie and sugar free beverage alternative. We are here to promote clean living, mindset, focus and results.”


Sable Purified Water plans to hold true to our company values throughout the longevity of our business. Our core values with this product are;

  1. Commitment to our customers to provide a safe, contaminant free product line.
  2. Continuous learning and Constant improvement of our product with the changing times and laws of drinking water. We will expand as the business grows with alkaline, sparkling and PH-balanced products.
  3. We also want to promote a fun, diverse, and innovative management team to help grow our business as well as support our workforce with a safe and flexible working environment.


Sable Purified Water will be marketed through Billboards, in store kiosks, television and radio ads, as well as social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Every marketing outlet will promote health and happiness. Our primary goal is to get our customers feeling and living better. On our social media outlets we will provide recipes, workout tips, and various other ideas to help our customers live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.


We plan to use technology throughout every aspect of our business. Through the use of online platforms from our website to our social media accounts we will promote clean living, mindset, focus and results. We will learn from our customers and constant improve our products and customer service. Technology has made that easier for all organizations and we definitely plan to take advantage of it.


Part of having a clean and clear mindset is enjoying your job. As a product we will help our customers by promoting self-love and other means of happy, motivating thoughts to help them achieve their weight loss goals. As an employer we will strive to do the same for our employees. Our work environment will harness teamwork, diversity, and flexibility; by promoting within, competitive pay, flexible hours and benefits. This all begins with a strong management team that cares for its product and workforce.

Social Responsibility

Sable Purified Water’s entire company was built on giving back to the community. By having our facility local, and using the water from Sable Falls we plan to leave our imprint in Pure Michigan’s culture. We will provide jobs, give back and service our community. Promoting a healthy lifestyle one family at a time.