discussion questions 623

Use the below links to access two articles entitled “Closing the delivery gap” by Bain & Company and “Implementing Innovation: Segment your non-customer” by HBR as the bases for your Knowledge Board commentary on how to better analyze the gaps related to the delivery of superior customer experience in a way that is appealing to customers with opinion leadership qualities and mainstream-customers.

1- http://www.bain.com/bainweb/pdfs/cms/hotTopics/closingdeliverygap.pdf

2- https://hbr.org/2013/09/implementing-innovation-segment-your-non-customers

Offer new ways/ insights on how your analysis of customer journey will inform a broader understanding of other segments like the occasional buyers and the taggers (non-customers).

Please answer the following questions:

1- How your client can best introduce an innovative new product to potentially tap into demand from leading-edge users of healthy foods. The challenge, of course, is to identify why these leading-edge users/ opinion leaders are dissatisfied with the powder mixes readily available in the marketplace. It will be insightful to show, based on your article readings, why potential customers are/ aren’t likely buyers of your client’s product, you can articulate your comments based on how to help the client’s innovative products become more appealing to leading-edge customers who have opinion leadership characteristics?!

2- What is your client’s potentials customer issue(s)? Do you need to fix these issues by appealing to the current customer base of the category? Or, do you need to attract non-category users as potential “target customers”?