discussion responce 1

For this week’s discussion I observed my 11 month old niece’s twin boy Josaiah. He is a very active and healthy boy. He is the twin brother of a little girl Adalynn. They are the only kids and tend to hang around each other alot. He seems to be the one that’s a little more social of the two. Adalynn is shy and tends to run away from people and hide behind her mom so I chose little Josiah.


Josiah seems quite above average physicality. He loves to run around and scream quite a bit. You will hardly see him just sitting and watching television. His gross motor skills are being used and fine tuned as I watched him climbing up and down the stairs and climbing up and down the couches. He seems to be the more active member of the family.


He is quite the talkative little boy. I sat down with him and asked him questions and he answered very well. He loves getting involved in the conversations other people are having even though he does not quite understand what is being said. I noticed he is copying many of the things that his father does. As his father arrived home he ran to give him a hug and he picked up his toy keys to imitate his dad putting his keys on the foyer table. He also sat on his small chair at the same time his dad sat at his chair and pretended to ask someone questions. I think socially he is doing very good and is able to understand communication skills.


Josiah is very happy little boy. He certainly has developed his own little personality. He is quite independent when it comes to anything he can do on his own but when he needs help he’s sure to let his mom know the he needs help. This is when I noticed him getting upset. He seemed to get frustrated a bit when he tried to do something and couldn’t and had to go and ask his mom for help.


Josiah is reacting to the world through playing at the moment as I assume most children at this age do. He is increasing his gross motor skills and fine motor skills through his crazy games and running and playing. He is learning hi problem solving skills by trying on his own first then when he can’t do it he calls for his mom for help.


As Fowler states “Faith is not a thought out set of ideas but instead a set of impressions that are largely gained from their parents or other significant adults in their lives.” Josiah is learning how to love and trust people through his interactions mainly with his parents and sister.

Please write a response of 150- 200 word count with one reference.and in text citation.