discussion response 1

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please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment.  “There have been times when I have been faced with many intrapersonal conflicts both personal and careerwise. A personal example was when I was faced with the decision to stay in my apartment or move into a shared house with one other person in order to save for my own house one day. This was not an easy decision because I was so used to staying by myself that I did not know how I will deal with someone else. It took me a while to decide on which option to go with but eventually I decided to move into the shared house knowing that I will be able to cut down on my expenses and save some money. I used the approach/avoidance in this situation to solve the conflict because I contemplated for a while before deciding. Thus, even though the goal of moving was for something positive, the thought of losing my privacy and some personal valuable items due to not having enough room in the new place almost made me change my mind, but I kept to that decision with the hope of something better one day.

I believe I made the right decision though I have not met my full expectation because things are extremely high nowadays, I have still been able to save more than I would have, living alone which I believe will eventually lead me to my goal. Interest encompasses an individual’s needs, wants, concerns, and fears. Reconciling interest is a complicated process that involves probing for deep-rooted concerns. It is neither possible nor desirable to resolve disputes by reconciling interests alone (Mack, 2018).


Mack, A. E. (2018). Identity Reconciliation: Understanding the Relationship between the Pursuit of the Ideal-Self and Intrapersonal Conflict [Doctoral dissertation, Nova Southeastern University]. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing. https://search.proquest.com/docview/2039562161