divya is strategic planning

PROBLEM 3 (30 -Points) : Read the short case study in Exhibit 1 Dave’s Digital Store, and answer the following questions:

  • What does the company really want to do?
  • What are the company’s ideal industry leaders?
  • Does the company want to be a manufacturer?
  • How can IT help the company grow business (give two main ideas) ?
  • What are the main interesting features of this case study (list 2-3)?

I have attached the Exhibit 1 Dave’s Digital Store

PROBLEM 4 (30 Points): Review the Umar Book Chapter1 on “Digital Enterprises” and Chapter 2 on “IT Planning”. Based on this information, develop a sketch of an IT Plan for the company described in Exhibit1. Specifically your plan should show the following:

§A general business strategy (2-3 sentences)

§Should the NGE model be adopted by this company?

§An application plan that supports the business strategy (3-4 sentences)

§An IT architecture diagram should include the computers, the databases, and the network shows how they are interconnected.This diagram should put all the pieces together and show how they are interconnected and accessed.

§Brief cost-benefit analysis for automation used in the proposed IT plan (please use the simple approach suggested in Chapter2.)

§Goto the SPACE Site and use the “Cost-Benefit Analysis Game” to conduct a simple cost benefit analysis of a service that could be used by the company in Exhibit1.Note: Please go to the SPACE site at www.space4ict.com, then goto Games Section and play the “Cost-Benefit Analysis Game” in the “Learning Games” section. You will need your own Login ID-PW to play this game.

attached the chpater 1 and 2